The History of the Hall Stone Jewel

The Hall Stone Jewel

With the joining of the two Dalhousie and Call Sign Lodges we have been honoured for our Masters to wear the Hall Stone Jewel.

The Jewel came about at the end of the Great War and to celebrate the ensuing peace, Prince Albert, His Royal Highness The Duke of Connaught and Strathearn K.G., P.C., K.T., K.P., G.C.M.G., etc. The then M.W. Grand Master innated the jewel.

The jewel is in the form of a cross, symbolising Sacrifice, with a perfect square at the four ends, on the left and right, squares bearing the dates 1914-1918, the years in which the supreme sacrifice was made.

Between these is a winged figure of Peace presenting the representation of a Temple with special Masonic allusion in the Pillars, Porch, and Steps. The medal is suspended by the Square and Compasses, attached to a ribband, the whole thus symbolising the Craft’s gift of a Temple in memory of those brethren who gave all for King and Country, Peace and Victory, Liberty and Brotherhood.

Within Great Queen Street there is a list of all the Lodges of Masons (See Above) who lost their life during the Great War and as you can see Dalhousie is such a Lodge where todays Master is privileged to wear such a Jewel during his year. (See Below)