History of Dalhousie Lodge No. 865

Dalhousie Lodge was sponsored by the Royal Alfred Lodge No. 1081 (Now 780).

Dalhousie Lodge was warranted as No. 1167 on 9th April 1861. The Petition bears the names of the founders listed here. 

At 3pm on 15th May 1861, the founding Brethren, together with others named in the Warrant of Constitution, assembled at the Red Lion Hotel, Hounslow, in obedience to a summons issued by Bro. James Josiah Hardey, the Worshipful Master named in the Warrant of Constitution. 

It would appear that the Founders had obtained permission to use the name “Dalhousie” for the new Lodge, since, following the usual business, it was proposed “that Brother the Earl of Dalhousie be elected an Honorary member of the Lodge, having consented to become such by a letter addressed to the Worshipful Master” This proposition was carried unanimously. 

Fox Maule, Lord Panmure, 11th Earl of Dalhousie was Deputy Grand Master in 1861.

In the first four years there were fifty-four new members and the lodge appeared well established. Unfortunately there were also a large number of resignations, and by August of 1865 attendance at meetings had dropped to such that only the Worshipful Master and the Secretary attended.

At the first meeting forty-two dined. The refreshments included 18 bottles of sherry, 18 of port and 22 of champagne. At the second meeting only nineteen dined and shared 4 bottles of port, 4 bottles of sherry and 10 of claret, while at the third meeting fifteen dined and consumed 4 bottles of sherry, 8 of moselle, 3 of port and 4 of claret.

On the 20th September 1893, a Past Master addressed the Lodge to get sanction to open a new Lodge in Hounslow, to be called the “Roll Call” and to be kept as a semi-military Lodge. It was resolved that if upon examination by the Worshipful Master and Past Masters the papers were in form, that the consent of the Lodge be given. Roll Call was warranted on 8th June 1894.

The Dalhousie Standard was originally made of:

An ARMS in argent (silver) being an Eagle displayed sable, beaked and membered gules.

A CREST (which is not shown on the lodge banner) and was a unicorn’s head coupled at the neck argent, armed, maned and tufted or.

The SUPPORTERS are “Dexter”., a griffin argent, and “Sinister”., a greyhound argent, collared gules, charged with three escallops of the first.

The MOTTO is “Ora et labora”; from the Latin for “Pray and Work”

The Lodge Banner was presented by the wives of the Brethren in 1911 Jubilee year.