Dalhousie Lodge Founder Members

Dalhousie Lodge Warranted No. 1167 in April of 1861 and changed to No. 865 on the 15th July 1863 was sponsored by Royal Albert Lodge No. 780 (previously 1081). The Petition bears the names of the following Founders:

James Josiah Hardey
as Worshipful Master
Lodge of Fidelity No. 3
George J Gibard
as Senior Warden
Lodge of Sincerity No. 180
(Was No. 224)
Edmond S Willett
as Junior Warden
St George Lodge No. 370
(Was No. 486)
Samuel C Hocknell Lodge of Fidelity No. 3
George T Thomason Lodge of Emulation No. 299
(Was No. 376)
Fortunatus Pellatt Yarborough Lodge No. 554
(Was No. 812)
Tobias A Browne Lodge of Unions No. 256
(Was No. 318)
John G Farrant Lodge of Fidelity No. 3
Edward Hopwood Lodge of Faith No. 141
(Was No. 165)
Henry A Stacey St James Union Lodge No. 180
(Was No. 211)
James W H Williams Lodge of Fidelity No. 3