Welcome to this, the website of Dalhousie & Call Sign Lodge & Chapter No. 865, a Hall Stone Lodge in the Province of Middlesex.

Dalhousie Lodge Warrant of Constitution Granted 9th April 1861
Dalhousie Lodge Consecrated 15th May 1861
Dalhousie Chapter Consecrated 30th January 1920
Dalhousie Lodge Centenary Warrant of Constitution Granted 15th May 1961
Call Sign Lodge Consecrated 19th June 1993
Became Dalhousie & Call Sign Lodge 16th January 2017

Patron of R.M.I.B., R.M.I.G., R.M. Hospital
Grand Patrons of The Princess Alexandra Retirement Home
Vice Patrons Middlesex 1998
Vice Patrons RMBI Festival 2009

Both the Lodge and Chapter are “daylight” meeting at Cole Court, Twickenham.

The Lodge meets on the 1st Saturdays in December and March, and the 2nd Saturdays in June and September. The Installation Meeting of the Lodge is in June.

The Chapter meetings are held on the second Saturday in February, April (Installation) and November.

Being a “daylight” meeting, the Lodge usually start at approximately 10:00 am, followed by a 3 course Festive Board. The Chapter usually starts at 10:30am and is preceded by a Full English Breakfast.

This means that, should you have other business to attend to, you can be away by approximately 3:00 pm. Alternatively, stay and relax with fellow Brethren, and enjoy the facilities made available at Cole Court, Twickenham District Masonic Council.

TDMC Twickenham District Masonic Council, Cole Court


“Daylight” Lodges & Chapters are ideal for those Brethren who do not find it possible to attend an afternoon/evening meeting. This could be due to work and/or family commitments, or purely a wish not to be out later in the evenings.

Should membership of a Lodge such as ours be of interest to you, then please do contact the Secretary. Should membership of our Chapter be of interest to you, then please do contact the Scribe.

We would be only too happy to greet you as a visitor to one of our meetings, after which you may in fact find that it is perhaps just the type of lodge of chapter that you have been looking for, and one that you would be happy to be a member of.