Request for help : Please read

We are looking for Fabric that can be made into scrubs for our staff.
These ‘Scrubs’  (protective clothing for the medical staff) are normally made of ‘COTTON‘ or ‘POLYESTER COTTON‘ which allows them to be washed after use at 60 degrees and then re-used.
Due to the national crisis that we are experiencing in this country at the moment there is a global shortage of ‘Scrubs’ and the NHS is struggling to source the increased numbers of scrubs required to keep the hospitals running.
This is where I am involved (working as the delivery driver), but working with a group of volunteers that are based around Middlesex and surrounding areas (basically 100’s of ladies with sewing machines) hand making the scrubs the hospitals so desperately need.
I’m appealing to the Middlesex Province and its members for some assistance in supplying either money to purchase more material or better still if there are any businesses within the Province that are willing to supply rolls of material to continue the good work that is being done.
When it comes down to the material as long as it is either ‘COTTON or POLYESTER COTTON, what the colour or pattern it is doesn’t matter, the brighter the better.
Also needed as well is:

  • ELASTIC (for trouser waistbands)

So any contacts that can also supply the items listed above will be greatly received.
As already stated, if the Province and any of its members can assist in these trying times it would be greatly appreciated.
I can be contacted on any of the telephone numbers shown below if anyone requires further details, please do not hesitate in calling me.
Yours Fraternally
Matt Erratt
Mobile: 07779 239911 Home: 01344 302163 Email:

Thank you in advance