Black Cab Trip 15 Countries 10 Days

Please read below and sponsor our very own JW Dejan

Please accept my gratitude for giving me the opportunity to share with all of you our mission to use the iconic Black Cab to travel from England to Macedonia, crossing 15 countries in just 10 days, to raise awareness and funds for charities that are working towards a better future for our communities.

Through our journey, we aim to promote the values of empathy, compassion, and solidarity and inspire people to join us in supporting these worthy causes. We believe that our journey can help to bridge cultures and connect people from different parts of Europe, all working together to create positive change. By supporting our cause, you are not only contributing to these charities but also becoming part of a journey that believes in the power of travel and community to make a difference.  – (main website)    – (charity link, where you can get the information on what this mission will support and if you want to suggest something, please do not hesitate to suggest, we will be happy to include a link on our charity web page) – Trayche Joe Traykov and Andy Wort(our Brethren from the Lodge New Forest 319 where Andy is currently WM, Hampshire province), Kiko Manevski (Tital Lodge 6002, London Metropolitan), Dejan (Dalhousie & Call Sign Lodge 865, Middlesex)

Biggest Thank you for the support again,

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